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3HK International Supreme Card HKD100

  • Support up to 35 Countries Worldwide
  • Rechargeable SIM for long term use in Hong Kong
  • Self-selection Data Package (See Packages)
  • No Registration Needed
Out of stock
Expiry Date
Dec 31, 2018

3HK International Supreme Card HKD100 contains HK$100 stored value(Extra HK$10) which is used to deduct for any data and voice service usage. It provides multiple data package services which can be used in Hong Kong, China & worldwide and a phone number(Hong Kong) for voice calling.

It can be recharged by 3HK recharge voucher. Please visit HERE for further details or read the information listed below.

Data Package Info
CoveragesAlbania, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland)
Package Valid PeriodDepends on selected package
Data UsageSelf-selection Packages
Data Package(s)

Charge will be deducted from stored value.

Hong Kong Data Pass Charge Subscription Code
1-Day HK$28 / 5GB *127*7#
7-Day HK$78/ 2GB *127*778#
30-Day HK$98/ 6GB *127*709#
30-Day HK$48/ 1GB *127*748#
30-Day HK$78/ 2GB *127*782#
Roaming Data Pass
HK and Macau 5-Day HK$98/ 1GB *127*313#
Taiwan 5-Day HK$90/ Unlimited *127*305#

The packages listed here are those which can be applied with the stored value HK$100(Extra HK$10). There are a few more worldwide packages HERE which can be applied by topping-up extra value.

Activation LocationHong Kong
Extendable Data PackageYes
Voice Info
Phone Number CountryHong Kong
Voice Charges

Usage will be deducted from stored value.
Hong Kong Voice Service:
Off-peak hour (23:00 – 10:59): HK$0.06/min
Peak hour (11:00 – 22:59): HK$0.12/min
Mobile-to-Mobile: HK$0.05/min

Card Info
Operator(s)3 (Austria), 3 (Denmark), 3 (Hong Kong), 3 (Indonesia), 3 (Ireland), 3 (Italy), 3 (Macau), 3 (Sweden), 3 (United Kingdom), China Unicom (China), Digi (Malaysia), FarEasTone (Taiwan), KT (South Korea), NTT Docomo (Japan), Orange (France), Rogers (Canada), Smart (Philippines), StarHub (Singapore), T-Mobile (Netherlands), TrueMove H (Thailand), Vodafone (Albania), Vodafone (Australia), Vodafone (Czech Republic), Vodafone (Egypt), Vodafone (Germany), Vodafone (Ghana), Vodafone (Portugal), Vodafone (Greece), Vodafone (Hungary), Vodafone (Ireland), Vodafone (Italy), Vodafone (Malta), Vodafone (Netherlands), Vodafone (United Kingdom), Vodafone (New Zealand), Vodafone (Romania), Vodacom (South Africa), Vodafone (Spain), Vodafone (Turkey)
Card Valid Period180 Days
Stored ValueHK$110
Publisher3 HK
SIM Size3-in-1 SIM
how to use
  • This prepaid SIM can be activated by sending code ##107*0#
  • Please make sure the stored value of the SIM is enough for applying the desire data pass.
  • Please dial the subscription code from your phone to apply for any data pass.
  • This prepaid SIM has an administration Fee of HK$0.5/30Days. First month administration fee is waived. Stored value is HK$99.5 just after activation.
  • The code for checking data usage is ##107#
  • Please remember to turn on DATA ROAMING for using data service outside Hong Kong. If you have problem connecting to internet, please follow the instructions in the internet setting session below.
Internet Setting
  • Android:
    1. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names
    2. Add New APN->Input"mobile.lte.three.com.hk" in Name & "mobile.lte.three.com.hk" in APN column->Save
    3. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Turn on Data Roaming
    4. If you still having problem after previous steps, please do the following: Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->Select the APN just Created->Authentication type->'CHAP or PAP'
  • Iphone :
    1. Settings->Mobile Data->Turn on Mobile Data
    2. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Turn on Data Roaming
    3. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Mobile Data Network->Input "mobile.lte.three.com.hk" in APN column under Mobile Data and/or personal hotspot.
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