3HK International Supreme Card Orange

  • Data and Voice Service in Hong Kong
  • 365 Days Period(End at the 365th day 23:59 of Hong Kong time GMT+8 )
  • 30GB + 20GB(Whatsapp / Wechat / Line / Instagram / Facebook) 4G Hong Kong Data Usage
  • No Registration Needed
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Expiry Date
Jun 30, 2020

3HK International Supreme Card Orange contains 30GB 4G and 20GB social media(Whatsapp / Wechat / Line / Instagram / Facebook) data package which can be used in Hong Kong for 365 days. It also provides 2000mins allowance for making local phone calls in Hong Kong.

With such a long valid period, it could either act like a backup data plan or a lengthy plan for low data usage user. If you are a frequent user of social media applications(Whatsapp / Wechat / Line / Instagram / Facebook), it provides 20GB separate data usage for those applications. Please read the information listed below for more information.

This SIM Card can be retained to 3HK International Supreme Card after recharge. Visit the provided link for further details.

Data Package Info
CoveragesHong Kong
Package Valid Period365 Days
Data Usage50GB 4G
Data Package(s)

It can be retained to 3HK International Supreme Card after recharge. SIM card valid period will be extended after recharge. Visit the provided link for recharge methods and available data packages. Some available data packages are listed below:

Data Pass Charge Subscription Code
30GB + 20GB (Social Media) HK HK$198 / 365-Day *127*689#
25GB HK + 3GB (China, Macau) HK$198 / 365-Day *127*687#
Activation LocationAt Supported Country(ies)
Extendable Data PackageYes
Voice Info
Phone Number CountryHong Kong
Voice Charges

2000mins Hong Kong usage included.

Card Info
Operator(s)3 (Hong Kong)
Card Valid PeriodSame as Package Valid Period
Publisher3 HK
SIM Size3-in-1 SIM
how to use
  • This prepaid SIM and the included data package service will be activated once it is inserted into your phone in Hong Kong.
  • The code for checking data usage is ##107#
  • No extra setting should be needed. If you have problem connecting to internet, please follow the instructions in the internet setting session below.
Internet Setting
  • Android:
    1. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names
    2. Add New APN->Input"mobile.lte.three.com.hk" in Name & "mobile.lte.three.com.hk" in APN column->Save
    3. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Turn on Data Roaming
    4. If you still having problem after previous steps, please do the following: Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->Select the APN just Created->Authentication type->'CHAP or PAP'
  • Iphone :
    1. Settings->Mobile Data->Turn on Mobile Data
    2. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Turn on Data Roaming
    3. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Mobile Data Network->Input "mobile.lte.three.com.hk" in APN column under Mobile Data and/or personal hotspot.
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