China Mobile 4G Hong Kong Data & Voice Prepaid SIM

  • Data and Voice Service in Hong Kong
  • Rechargeable SIM for long term use in Hong Kong
  • Self-selection Data Package (See Packages)
  • No Registration Needed
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Expiry Date
Sep 30, 2020

China Mobile 4G Hong Kong Data & Voice Prepaid SIM contains HK$78 stored value which is used to deduct for any data and voice service usage. It provides multiple Hong Kong data package services and a Hong Kong phone number for voice calling.

It can be recharged by China Mobile recharge voucher/Online.Please visit HERE for further details or read the information listed below.

Data Package Info
CoveragesHong Kong
Package Valid PeriodDepends on selected package
Data UsageSelf-selection Packages
Data Package(s)

Charge will be deducted from stored value.

Hong Kong Data Pass Charge Subscription Code
5-Day HK$48/ 1.5GB *103*100*07#
10-Day HK$68/ 1GB *103*100*08#
10-Day 3G Pass HK$30/ Unlimited *103*100*09#
Activation LocationHong Kong
Extendable Data PackageYes
Voice Info
Phone Number CountryHong Kong
Voice Charges

Usage will be deducted from the stored value.
Hong Kong Voice Service: HK$0.1/min

Card Info
Operator(s)China Mobile (Hong Kong)
Card Valid Period180 Days
Stored ValueHK$78
PublisherChina Mobile HK
SIM Size3-in-1 SIM
how to use
  • This prepaid SIM can be activated by making the first call to 193193 in Hong Kong.
  • Please make sure the stored value of the SIM is enough for applying the desire data pass.
  • Please dial the subscription code from your phone to apply for any data pass.
  • The code for main balance checking is *#130#
  • This prepaid SIM has an administration Fee of HK$2/30Days. It will be deducted from the stored value when the SIM is activated.
    Stored value is HK$78 just after activation.
Internet Setting
  • Android:
    1. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names
    2. Add New APN->Input"CMHK Data" in Name & "cmhk" in APN column->Save
    3. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Turn on Data Roaming
    4. If you still having problem after previous steps, please do the following: Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->Select the APN just Created->Authentication type->'CHAP or PAP'
  • Iphone :
    1. Settings->Mobile Data->Turn on Mobile Data
    2. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Turn on Data Roaming
    3. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Mobile Data Network->Input "cmhk" in APN column under Mobile Data and/or personal hotspot.
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