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Prepaid SIM Guide

How to use a prepaid SIM?

To use a prepaid SIM, make sure you have got an Unlocked GSM phone, our SIM cannot be used in any CDMA phone.

Normally, most GSM phones are sold unlocked but carrier may locked the phone to their network if you buy it with a cellular plan from them. Contact your network carrier to check whether your phone is locked or to unlock your phone.

What is data package?

Data package of a prepaid SIM specifies three parameters:

  1. The amount of data usage
  2. The valid period of the data usage
  3. The location that support the data usage

Because most of our SIMs are sold with a default data package, you will also see these parameters in the name of a product.

The included package of the SIM will be effective once the SIM is activated and will expire after the valid period, though few may allow you to resubscribe the package.

You should choose a SIM base on these three main parameters mentioned above.

Another type of prepaid SIM is self-selection data package, which you may choose to subscribe a package from a list of presetted packages.

This kind of SIM contains a specified stored value and the cost of the selected data package will be deducted from the stored value.

The presetted packages can be simplily applied by sending a subscription code using the prepaid SIM. The subscription code(s) and its related cost will be displayed on the product pages.

What is the expiry date of prepaid SIM?

Expiry date is the last day that you can activate the SIM. No prepaid SIM can be activated beyond the expiry date.

Please make sure you activate the SIM before the expiry date.

How to activate the SIM? Where should I activate the SIM?

The SIM will be activated once it is inserted into your phone in the supported countries and the valid period will be started counting.

Most of our SIM can be activated at the supported country(ies) of the SIM but some of it may require specific location to be activated.

This information is being shown on the product page for each product, please make sure you can activate the SIM at the require destination before purchasing.

How long would the service last?

There is a valid period for the data package and a valid period for the SIM itself. Both of the valid period will start counting at the moment that the SIM is activated.

Within the valid period of the SIM, you may add value to the SIM card to resubscribe data packages.

Does SIM CART provide prepaid SIM top up service?

Unfortunately, we are not providing any top up service for now.

Please buy a new SIM from us, if you are pleased with our products.

Normally, buying a new SIM is cheaper than resubscribing data packages.

DO the SIM size fit my phone?

Most of our SIM are 3 in 1 SIM, you just have to pick the right size from the package and plug it in.

Do I need to register before using the prepaid SIM?

All SIM(s) that being sold at SIM CART are registration free. You can simply ignore any registration procedure, even if it is specified on the sim card package. Just plug the SIM into your phone, it will work instantly.

Do I need to set up the SIM before using?

Some of our SIM may require Access Point Name (APN) setting. Just follow the steps below:

  • Andorid:
    1. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names
    2. Add New APN->Input"example_apn_name" in Name & "example_apn" in APN column->Save
    3. Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Turn on Data Roaming
    4. If you still having problem after previous steps, please do the following: Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Access Point Names->Select the APN just Created->Authentication type->'CHAP or PAP'
  • Iphone :
    1. Settings->Mobile Data->Turn on Mobile Data
    2. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Turn on Data Roaming
    3. Settings->Mobile Data->Mobile Data Options->Mobile Data Network->Input "example_apn" in APN column under Mobile Data and/or personal hotspot.

Please contact us if you have encountered any difficulties.

Can I share internet connection (TETHERING) with my phone or wifi egg?

You may use your phone as a personal hotspot or insert it into a WIFI egg to share internet connection.

For WIFI egg setting, you may need to insert the SIM into a mobile phone to set up the Access Point Name (APN) before plugging it into a WIFI egg.

Though internet connection can be shared through personal hotspot, it is not recommended, too much network usage may exhaust the data usage in a short period of time. Maximum person to share a single data SIM should be limited to 2.